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Song List by Title


À Chloris (Reynaldo Hahn)  D Major  E Major  G Major
Als Luise die Briefe (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)  b minor  c minor
Amarilli (Giulio Caccini)  a minor  e minor  f minor  f# minor  g minor
An die Musik (Franz Schubert)  Bb Major  C Major  D Major
Après un rêve (Gabriel Fauré)  b minor  c minor  d minor
Automne (Gabriel Fauré)  a minor  b minor  c# minor


Beau soir (Claude Debussy)  D Major  E Major
Blow, blow thou winter wind (Thomas Arne)  Ab Major  Eb Major
Bonne nuit (Jules Massenet)  Bb Major  G Major


Caro mio ben (Giuseppe Giordani)  Bb Major  C Major  Eb Major
Che faro senza Euridice, with recitative (Christoph Willibald Gluck)  C Major
Clair de lune (Gabriel Fauré)  a minor  Bb minor  c minor
Come raggio di sol (Antonio Caldara)  e minor  g minor


D'une prison (Reynaldo Hahn)  Ab Major  Bb Major  C Major
Deep River (H. T. Burleigh)  C Major  Db Major  F Major
Deh vieni, non tardar (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)  F Major
Dein blaues Auge (Johannes Brahms)  C Major  D Major  Eb Major
Der Blumenstrauß (Felix Mendelssohn)  F Major  G Major
Der Doppelgänger (Franz Schubert)  f# minor  g minor  a minor  b minor
Der Leiermann (Franz Schubert)  f minor  g minor  a minor  b minor
Der Mond kommt still gegangen (Clara Schumann)  Bb Major  Db Major
Der Nussbaum (Robert Schumann)  Eb Major  F Major  G Major  A Major
Der Tod und das Mädchen (Franz Schubert)  d minor  e minor  f minor
Die Lotosblume (Robert Schumann)  C Major  Db Major  Eb Major  F Major
Die Mainacht (Johannes Brahms)  Eb Major  F# Major
Dolente immagine di Fille mia (Vincenzo Bellini)  eb minor  e minor  f# minor  g minor
Drink to me only with thine eyes (Old English Air)  Eb Major
Du Ring an meinem Finger (Robert Schumann)  Db Major  Eb Major


Elégie (Jules Massenet)  d minor  e minor  f minor  g minor
Elle a fui, la tourterelle! with recitative (Jacques Offenbach)  Bb Major


Flow My Tears (John Dowland)  a minor  c minor


Goin' Home (Antonín Dvořák)  C Major  Db Major  Eb Major
Gretchen am Spinnrade (Franz Schubert)  a minor  d minor


Habanera (Georges Bizet)  a minor  c minor  d minor
Have You Seen But a White Lily Grow (Anonymous)  E Major  F Major
Hébé (Ernest Chausson)  d minor  f minor


I Attempt From Love's Sickness (Henry Purcell)  G Major  Ab Major  A Major
If Music Be the Food of Love (1st Vers.) (Henry Purcell)  e minor  g minor
Ich Liebe Dich (Ludwig van Beethoven)  C Major  F Major  G Major
In der Fremde (Robert Schumann)  e minor  f# minor


Kdyz mne stará matka (Antonín Dvorák)  B Major  C Major  D Major


L'alba sepàra dalla luce l'ombra (Paolo Tosti)  Bb Major  C Major  Eb Major
L'attente (Camille Saint-Saens)  a minor
L'été - Ah! chantez chantez (Cécile Chaminade)  G Major  A Major
L'heure exquise (Reynaldo Hahn)  B Major  Db Major  D Major
Lascia ch'io pianga, with recitative (George Frideric Handel)  Eb Major  F Major
Lasciatemi morire (Claudio Monteverdi)  c minor  d minor  f minor
Laudate Dominum (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)  F Major
Le secret (Gabriel Fauré)  C Major  Db Major  E Major  F Major
Lebe wohl (Hugo Wolf)  D Major  Eb Major  Gb Major
Liebst du um Schönheit (Gustav Mahler)  Bb Major  C Major  Eb Major
Love's Philosophy (Roger Quilter)  C Major  D Major  F Major
Lydia (Gabriel Fauré)  Eb Major  F Major  G Major


Morgen (Richard Strauss)  D Major  E Major  F Major  G Major


Nel cor più non mi sento (Giovanni Paisiello)  Eb Major  E Major  F Major
Nina (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi)  d minor  e minor  f minor  g minor  
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt "Lied der Mignon" (Franz Schubert)  a minor  e minor  g minor


O mio babbino caro (Giacomo Puccini)  Ab Major
O Rest in the Lord (Felix Mendelssohn)  C Major
Ouvre ton cœur (Georges Bizet)  a minor  b minor  g minor


Pietà, Signore! (Alessandro Stradella)  a minor  b minor  c minor  d minor
Plaisir d'amour (Johann-Paul Martini)  D Major  E Major  G Major
Prayer (David Guion)  C Major  Eb Major
Pregúntale a las Estrellas (Edward Kilenyi)  D Major
Pur dicesti, o bocca bella (Antonio Lotti)  C Major  D Major  E Major


Ridente la calma (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)  D Major  F Major


Se tu m'ami, se sospiri (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi)  e minor  g minor
Sebben, crudele (Antonio Caldara)  c minor  e minor
Sento nel core (Alessandro Scarlatti)  c minor  d minor  e minor  f minor
Si mes vers avaient des ailes (Reynaldo Hahn)  C Major  E Major
Silent Noon (Ralph Vaughan Williams)  Db Major  Eb Major  F Major  G Major
Spirate pur, spirate (Stefano Donaudy)  Ab Major  F Major
Spring Sorrow (John Ireland)  Ab Major  F Major  
Ständchen (Franz Schubert)  a minor  Bb minor  b minor  c minor  d minor 
Stizzoso, mio Stizzoso (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi)  Ab Major  A Major

Take, O take those lips away (Amy Beach)  b minor  c# minor  e minor
The Last Rose of Summer (Friedrich Von Flotow)  F Major
The Mermaid's Song (Franz Joseph Haydn)  A Major  C Major
The Sky Above the Roof (Ralph Vaughan Williams)  a minor  b minor
Toreador Song-Votre toast (Georges Bizet)  f minor
Tristesse (Camille Saint-Saens)  e minor


Un moto di gioia (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)  G Major

Verborgenheit (Hugo Wolf)  C Major  Eb Major
Vergebliches Ständchen (Johannes Brahms)  F Major  G Major  A Major
Vergin, tutto amor (Francesco Durante)  a minor  c minor  d minor
Villanelle (Hector Berlioz)  A Major  F Major
Voi lo sapete (Pietro Mascagni)  e minor


Wade in de Water (H. T. Burleigh)  d minor  f minor
Weep you no more (Roger Quilter)  d minor  f minor
When I am laid in earth, with recitative (Henry Purcell)  g minor
When I Have Sung My Songs (Ernest Charles)  Db Major  Eb Major  F Major
Where'er You Walk (George Frideric Handel)  Bb Major  F Major  G Major
Widmung (Robert Schumann)  F Major  Gb Major  Ab Major
Wie Melodien (Johannes Brahms)  Ab Major  A Major  C Major
Wiegenlied (Johannes Brahms)  Eb Major  F Major
Wind of the Western Sea (Graham Peel)  Db Major